Mount Sinai Human Balance Laboratory

Treatment policy

Treatment is provided by Dr. Yakushin, who are not medical professionals. Therefore, he cannot write prescriptions or sign any documents that require the signature of a physician. If you need anything like this, we recommend that you make an appointment with your own doctor at the time of treatment at Mount Sinai.

On the first day of treatment, we determine the objective parameters of your MdDS. We will ask you to stand on a posturegraphic platform while recording the magnitude, direction, and frequency of your body motions. We will determine any abnormalities in your eye movements in darkness. We will determine any abnormality in your posture while standing or walking. The set of symptoms and the severity of individual symptoms is different for each patient. We will ask you to assign a subjective overall score for your symptoms on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is no symptoms and 10 is the highest level of symptoms that you ever experienced.

We provide four days of experimental treatment of MdDS. Typically, treatment goes from Monday-Thursday of one week. The details of each treatment will depend on your symptoms and their severity. Treatment starts on the first day after the objective and subjective parameters of your MdDS have been evaluated. The duration of each treatment session depends on your response to treatment and can vary from 10 minutes to three hours per day. We can only treat symptoms. After each treatment session, we typically ask patients to do certain things that would typically elevate symptoms, such as to go to a Broadway show, grocery store, to ride the subway, or visit crowded places.

If you have no symptoms after the first day of treatment, we still ask you to come back the next day to evaluate your postural stability. No further treatment is necessary if you have no symptoms. We may ask you to come back on the third day to confirm that no symptoms were triggered at any time. If visiting supermarkets or crowded places still triggers or elevates your symptoms, we will provide additional treatment.

At the end of the treatment we will obtain objective data and your subjective scores again. We consider treatment successful if the subjective score has decreased after treatment by more than 50% and the magnitude of your postural motion is significantly decreased.

Cases when a patient become symptom-free by day four are rare. Most commonly, we are able to reduce your symptoms more than 50%. Remaining symptoms typically go away within several months after treatment.

According to our data, the effectiveness of treatment does not depend on the duration of your MdDS. The cost of treatment is the same for all patients, regardless whether you are treated for one or four days, or whether our treatment sessions lasted 10 min or 3 hours per day.